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because i forgot to update: the fest comms [community profile] hd_level_two , [community profile] teddyjamesbb , [community profile] nextgen_mas  and [community profile] rs_collab  are now fully backed up on dreamwidth! everything sorted! i've also talked to my co-mod and we might revive [community profile] nextgen_mas  this year (decisions to be made closer to the time when we know better what our schedules are like). 

i've had a poke around HP fest communities on dreamwidth as there seems to be a good number of them, but many of them aren't active or haven't been updated in a while?? does anyone know which HP fests are currently active on dreamwidth (and not just LJ)? I'd like to subscribe to them because remembering to check LJ fest comms for updates is not something i'm remembering to do, but it seems pointless to subscribe to the DW comms if they aren't going to actually post... 

which HP comms are you following here on DW? 
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