Jan. 30th, 2007

nerakrose: keep calm and write something (keep calm and write something)
i don't add you if i know you irl.
sorry; i just like my privacy.

i won't friend you back if you've never spoken to me and i don't know who you are. if you want to be my friend anyway, introduce yourself in the comments. if i know you irl i won't friend you at all as i'm very fond of my privacy, and i use this journal to talk about my personal life.

i'm in fandom. my main (and only) active fandom on lj/dw is harry potter. i low-key participate in a number of other fandoms, on a scale ranging from reblogging the occasional post on tumblr to writing exchange gifts.

if you're just here for recs, consider following [community profile] roserecs instead.

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