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I wanted to spotlight a few comms that need more love, and will happily take recs for more comms to join/subscribe! I didn't put fest comms on this list (maybe another time?) as most of the ones I've tracked down over here seem to be back ups and not active, which tbh is pretty frustrating. (Shoutout to [community profile] hd_fan_fair  for having prompt posting & claiming simultaneously on LJ and DW.)

[community profile] underheard - a multifandom rec comm for underappreciated fanfiction 
[community profile] puppylove - remus/sirius central that nobody has posted in for years (sigh)
[community profile] yurionicefans - general yuri on ice comm open for everyone, also hosts challenges 
[community profile] weasleyjumpers - the Weasleys, will have a fest later in the summer 
[community profile] daily_snitch - just for the record bc the snitch is active here on dw as well and the reminder doesn't hurt 
[community profile] volstovic_cycle - what it says on the tin 

anything else I should know about?
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There's been some posts going around about how to properly use the relationship tags on tumblr (specifically how to tag for background ships so they don't clog up searches) which has led me to start editing the tags on my ao3 fics (not done). I get annoyed searching for ships and finding only 300 fics where they're a background couple, so fixing my own complicity in the problem is a start. but, I've also been thinking about tagging in general, and...tagging in specific:

How do you tag for things that aren't explicit in the fic? Do you tag for it? What is the expectation when you see (certain?) tags on fics?

In no longer easy on the eyes, I wrote Sirius as asexual but never tagged for it because it never came up in conversation within the fic. I'd say it's obvious though - or at least to me he reads as a very obviously asexual person, and even if I never used the word in-fic, the essence of it is understood (Remus says at one point that he didn't think Sirius was interested in relationships at all because he never dated). when that fic ended up on this pride themed reclist*, I was surprised that it was listed under bisexual and not asexual - I never tagged Remus as bisexual nor did I state that within the fic, although he is as obviously bisexual as Sirius is asexual.

So now I wonder, do I tag Sirius as asexual in order to make my intent explicit, or would that potentially be a cop-out? The whole Dumbledore Is Gay discourse all over again, essentially?

Another fic of mine, an old Albus/Scorpius fic (wherein Scorpius ascertains his sexuality) is tagged asexual spectrum, demisexuality, sexual identity, and sexual confusion (in addition to other things) and - spoiler - after cycling through a number of labels Scorpius ends up labelling himself as a late bloomer. I have gotten a LOT of negative comments on this one (not only on ao3) from people who felt cheated because "it gives the impression of featuring an asexual character when it doesn't".

And so I wonder, should I remove the asexual spectrum tag despite the fact Scorpius labels himself as asexual at one stage in the fic? Is the way I've tagged the fic signalling something other than I think it is? Do people expect asexual endgame when in reality it's more accurately demisexuality? (and also, this fic is old and doesn't handle the topic nearly as well as it could've - I'd do things differently today - but on the other hand it does reflect my personal experience with going through labels so it's not like it's unrealistic. I have been thinking about taking it down because I'm so tired of the negative comments, but I also don't want to do that because, you know what, fics don't and shouldn't adhere to an unwritten sjw approved checklist. Ever so rarely I do get a comment from somebody who saw themselves in it. Is that not worth the hassle?)

I'm currently writing an Emil/Michele (yoi) fic, in which Michele is asexual. I didn't plan it, it just happened that way, but like with no longer easy on the eyes, it never gets explicitly stated. Michele never says the words "I'm asexual", he just behaves in a way that very clearly (to me at least) signals lack of sexual attraction. (Emil is the opposite, he's very clearly attracted.)

Do I tag that? If I post that fic with the tag asexual Michele crispino, will readers expect the word within the fic? Will they get disappointed and accuse me of acebaiting if I do?
And the other side of the coin: if I don't tag it, will people miss it? Will no one notice that he's asexual? Does not tagging asexuality when it's on the page, even if not explicitly stated to be there, contribute to the lack of asexual visibility?

I'm honestly not sure what to do. On one hand I can completely understand the need for visibility and representation and by extension the need to have things stated clearly - the whole Let Characters Say Bisexual On TV discourse (not to mention the appalling lack of ace rep) - but on the other hand I don't always feel like it needs to be said. I'm not bringing it up in the Emil/Michele fic because it would create this weird pause in the flow of the fic. It's not a relevant topic of conversation for them. It doesn't suit Michele's characterisation to a) bring it up b) to think of it in the first place. If I did, it would feel like I'm just crossing off a checklist.

asexuality mentioned in-text, woke points achieved

And yet, if I don't tag for it, it seems it will go absolutely unnoticed? I'd like to trust people to have critical reading skills, but the truth is that even when they do, when it comes to asexuality in particular many people lack the knowledge necessary to decode a character as asexual. We have shorthands and codes for gay and lesbian readings (even if that's also not a given, even when it's explicit; see: Harold They Are Lesbians) but we don't have a backlog of literature and media with ace rep on which to base a pattern recognition programme to help recognise What's Obvious To The Rest Of Us.

So I'm back to square one. How do I best tag (or not tag) my fics? How do I decode what's the general expectation for a given tag, such as asexuality ? How do I avoid the worst pitfalls of ao3 tagging ?

* for clarity's sake, this is absolutely not a complaint about the reclist! I'm always stoked when my stuff gets recced.
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because i forgot to update: the fest comms [community profile] hd_level_two , [community profile] teddyjamesbb , [community profile] nextgen_mas  and [community profile] rs_collab  are now fully backed up on dreamwidth! everything sorted! i've also talked to my co-mod and we might revive [community profile] nextgen_mas  this year (decisions to be made closer to the time when we know better what our schedules are like). 

i've had a poke around HP fest communities on dreamwidth as there seems to be a good number of them, but many of them aren't active or haven't been updated in a while?? does anyone know which HP fests are currently active on dreamwidth (and not just LJ)? I'd like to subscribe to them because remembering to check LJ fest comms for updates is not something i'm remembering to do, but it seems pointless to subscribe to the DW comms if they aren't going to actually post... 

which HP comms are you following here on DW? 
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if you follow my tumblr you probably know it's mainly me flailing about cap2

but sometimes i do cool stuff too, like this post about fanfic titles (and why we never see them irl)

there's more discussion if you click through the notes, but tbh it could do with more? i'd like more input anyway. :D
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in fandoms where people have faces (like for example movie fandoms, tv series fandoms and the like), how important is the attractiveness of the characters for you to ship them together?

i was thinking of this because of [ profile] kitty_fic's post about OTP feels. i've not responded to that post yet, but it did get me thinking of who my OTPs are and why they're my OTPs and how many OTPs i have in a given fandom, and it made me realise that...:

in text-based fandoms (like harry potter or the volstovic cycle), i have a million OTPs. i don't think much about what the characters look like, because my imagination takes care of that, and in my imagination, everyone i ship in some capacity or other, is attractive according to my standards.

and then there are visual fandoms (like bbc sherlock) where i don't have any OTPs and don't really ship john/sherlock - not for lack of subtext (or text, as is), but because to me, john watson is not attractive and picturing him with sherlock is outright unpleasant (there's also the part where i view sherlock as an asexual character and putting him in a sexual relationship with someone puts me off). i realised that part of why i don't want to get into certain fandoms or watch the canon, is because the people in the ship are unattractive/unappealing to me. i have fewer OTPs and fewer OTP constellations in these fandoms.

obviously shipping is about more than looks, but how much do looks influence the ship you choose? are you able to get into a ship despite (or because?) one or both characters are unattractive to you?

poll! i know the questions are biased, but i didn't want to overthink how to phrase them as neutrally as possible.

[Poll #1929233][Poll #1929233]
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so, i'm sitting here and attempting to sketch out stuff for the tony/steve reverse big bang (which i'm terribly behind on) and got to thinking.

i don't think i've ever heard of a fanfic writer who didn't like fanart of their fic or illustrations with their fic, and i also don't think i've ever heard of a reader who didn't like illustrations within the fic they're reading.

but when it comes to actualfax novels out there in the "real world", i can't think of a single "adult novel" (i say "adult novels" not because i'm thinking of novels with erotic content, but novels that aren't aimed at children or young adults) that has illustrations in it. kiddie books have them in abundance and some YA novels have "ornaments" rather than illustrations - the artemis fowl novels come to mind, with the fairy symbols adorning the pages like framework.

illustrations within fiction in the "real world" seem to be...i don't want to say frowned upon, because that's not the wording i'm looking for, but it seems as if illustrations degrade the work. there's a picture in it? it must be a children's book! and therefore, logically, not fit for reading unless you're seven years old.

and what's really interesting to me is that this hasn't always been the case. you don't even need to go very far back in time to get illustrations within novels. so there's clearly been a shift in attitude over time and illustrations have been removed from the "proper adult literature" while it stays on as an identifying marker of children's books, to put it simply.

and then you have fanfiction, which is a whole genre of its own that defies and subverts a lot of do's and dont's in literature, and apparently also illustrations. not all fanfic illustrations are x-rated (the ones i'm making for the tony/steve reverse big bang most certainly aren't), even if many of them are (just as much of the fanfiction is x-rated). and i wonder, are illustrations of fanfiction just yet another way in which fanfiction as a genre looks at literature and goes "no, i don't care - i want this, and so be it"?

thoughts and comments are much appreciated! i'm interested in hearing what you've all got to say.
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