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twentysomething queer scandinavian. that's all there is.harry potter, comics, the volstovic cycle, and many, many more.i read and write and knit a lot.some day i'd like to live in scotland, however temporarily.maybe one day i can call myself phd.profile

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alexander the great, amsterdam, ancient history, antiquity, art, avengers, backyard babies, baking, batman, black widow, books bucky barnes, captain america, captain marvel, chocolate, comic books, concerts, cooking, copenhagen, crafts, crashdïet, danish, dark chocolate, day eleven, dope stars inc, dr. watson, drawing, dublin, eddie izzard, edinburgh, england, english, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, finland, finnish, food, genderfluidity, german, gigs, glam rock, glamrock, greek mythology, hanoi rocks, hardcore superstar, harry potter, harry/draco, hawkeye, helsinki, hephaistion, history, hp slash, iceland, icelandic, indiana jones, iron man, kalevala, kill hannah, knitting, languages, latin, linguistics, liquorice, literature, loki, london after midnight, lord of the rings, medieval finnish, medieval norse languages, mm romance, murderdolls, music, mythologies, mythology, new york dolls, nordic food, norse mythology, norwegian, oscar wilde, our lady peace, owning books, painting, paranormal romance, pearl jam, percy/oliver, photography, photoshop, poets of the fall, politics, private line, psychology, puddle of mud, punk rock, queer romance, queerness, reading, rem, reykjavik, rock, romance, romance novels, rustic food, saga, sam wilson, science fiction, sewing, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shopping, short hair, sinihomejuusto, sirius black/remus lupin, slash, snow, snow patrol, spartacus, steampunk, steve rogers, stockholm, studying, suomi, swedish, tampere, teddy/james, the ark, the avengers, the winter soldier, thor, tinker tailor soldier spy, travelling, velvet goldmine, watercolours, wednesday 13, wool, writing, young avengers, zeromancer
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