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this brought to you by the current massive move to dreamwidth and the fact that a few of you seem to have rookie problems with it.

1. the flist
on dreamwidth, you do not have a flist, you have a circle. you also have an access list. unlike LJ, in order to maintain a successful flist, you need to both grant access to and subscribe to a friend's journal. when you grant access it means your friend can see your flocked ('access list' only) entries when they visit your journal and vice versa if a friend has granted you access. however, in order to see your friend's entries on your flist (reading page) regardless of security level (public or access list), you need to subscribe to the journal.

in the screenshot in the section below you'll see two blue exclamation marks. these are the mutual access and subscription lists. those numbers should match. more on the flist in the section below, as well.

2. openID
related to the flist: when you import your content to dreamwidth, your flist imports automatically as openID accounts. so you have all your lj friends already on your access and subscription lists! very neat! for this to work perfectly, you need to claim your openID, and your friends need to do the same. (here's the link to the faq that explains how to do it.) there's no need to hunt down everyone's dreamwidth journals to friend them all over again, if everyone just makes sure to claim their openID accounts.

i'm not aware of any good reason to not claim your openID, so I'm going to proceed as if claiming your openID is the best thing ever.

here's a screenshot of my access and subscription lists from my dreamwidth profile:

you'll see that some openID accounts also figure in the mutual access/subscription lists. this means that the dreamwidth accounts in the mutual lists have not claimed their openID. if they don't want to, that's their prerogative of course, but honestly, why wouldn't you?

other benefits of claiming your openID account:

a. imported comments will be attributed to you.

here you see comments on an imported entry in [community profile] rs_collab . because i've claimed my openID account, my former openID account is gone, and has been replaced with my dreamwidth account. the comment i'm responding to still belongs to an openID account because that person hasn't claimed their account/hasn't moved to dreamwidth.

b. entries in imported communities will be attributed to you.

i haven't yet created a mod account for [community profile] rs_collab and claimed the openID account on its behalf, which means i am unable to edit this entry or any of the other entries in the community.

however, when i imported my fic rec community from [ profile] roserecs to [community profile] roserecs, all my entries were automatically attributed to me once i claimed my openID account, which means i have full control of everything and not just new entries i posted after the import.

that's all i've got. i hope it helped.

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