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Favourite pairings:
Harry/Draco (I do sometimes also enjoy a poly!Harry in a V relationship with Draco and Ginny)
Side/background pairings:
Astoria/other women
Ginny/other women
Harry & Astoria
Draco & Hermione
Sirius & Regulus (just saying, Regulus is my homeboy)
Hermione & Ginny
Ron & Draco
Pansy & Harry
Pansy & Hermione
Hermione & Astoria
Rose & Scorpius
Al & Scorpius
James & Scorpius

romance! ♥ expecially non-sexual romance. ♥♥♥
AUs!! non-magical, magical, alternative reality, give me everything
raising harry (when remus/sirius)
raising teddy (applicable to both harry and remus/sirius)
exploring of gender and sexuality (including cross-dressing, genderbending, trans!characters, polyamory, etc.)
a world where queer identities are as commonplace as black shoes; i.e. not marginalised or oppressed
family relationships
identity crises
established relationships as well as get-togethers
slow-burn and tonnes of unresolved romantic tension (URT)*
crime fighting
slice of life
unusual careers
wit and snark
pining and longing
taking leaps (from a safe place to the unknown)
overcoming past trauma/animosity/misunderstandings/hurt and in that vein, fic that acknowledges shitty pasts (for example sirius' shitty childhood, harry's shitty childhood) and any and all consequences thereof
characters changing the world (for example harry's generation revolutionising the ministry, various characters working for various rights)
learning to forgive oneself
confidence and/or character development from confusion to confidence
characters having to re-evaluate their life/their choices
angst with a happy ending (break my heart but please mend it afterwards)
enemies to friends
friends to lovers
lovers to friends
fake marriage/dating as well as accidental marriage
lie-low-at Lupin's
sharing a flat post-hogwarts
nobody dies/everybody lives AU (this is mostly relevant re: remus/sirius)
bookshop AU
coffeeshop AU
espionage AU
catch-me-if-you-can AU (thief/detective)
buddy cop AU (or just...auror fic)
office romance
mechanic AU
any other AU you can possibly think of as I've literally never read an AU i hated
AUs in a different time period (victorian, medieval, futuristic, whatever)

women being sidelined for the slash ship. i dislike tonks, ginny and astoria being ignored/demonised/pushed aside for the sake of the boys, especially if they get killed off. i'm also not fond of them being cheated on, in general. i cannot stress this enough. ideally, give them their own narratives in-fic and have them make their own choices, or just let them be with somebody else (and also, gay) in the background.
creature!fic (and A/B/O)
UST* and explicit smut, in general (and for the matter, if there is explicit sex - i'd take a fic with frotting/grinding/blowjobs/handjobs/other ways of getting off over a fic with anal sex, if only because it doesn't make sense to me that it's anal all the time (especially when hygiene is handwaved or left unexplained?). that also means that pretty much all kink is ruled out because kinks are usually sexual.
age difference/cross-gen
abusive behaviour (stalking, gaslighting, dub and non-con, etc.)
unhappy endings
rip-offs that pretend to be AUs or crossovers (by this i mean fics that brand themselves AUs/crossovers, but turn out to reuse all dialogue and plot from the source of the AU. I'd rather watch The Proposal for the 30th time than read a fic that copypastes my otp into The Proposal with no changes at all.)
torture and violence
homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and as an extension of that, any fics that deal with internalised homo-,bi- and transphobia. by which i mean i generally don't want to read fic where the pov character(s) spend a lot of time self-loathing. healing is one thing, and definitely appreciated, but if 90% of a fic is self-loathing, then i'm most likely not going to be comfortable with it.
dark fic, in general

Eh, whatever:
creature!fic (veela, vampire, whatever)
infidelity (i do NOT like fics where the infidelity demonises women, for example Ginny being the cheater as a gateway to H/D hurt/comfort)
pretty much all sex tropes (drunk!fic, sharing a bed, locked in, sex pollen, etc.) as i'm (mostly) not here to read about characters bone

there will be an exception to everything, as people who have followed my recs ([community profile] roserecs) or my original writing will know. if you're anonymously writing a gift fic for me and are unsure about whether i'd be okay with any given thing, please contact the people indicated in my sign up form, or shoot me an anon ask on tumblr.

*This is going to sound super nitpicky, but here goes:

UST, aka unresolved sexual tension, is when the tension between the otp is sexual. this is stuff like A paying close attention to certain of B's bodyparts (shirts riding up displaying skin, focus is on the skin or the happy trail because it shows something 'forbidden' and sexual), having sexual thoughts about them (usually accompanied by tight trousers), sex dreams even, wank sessions about the person, arousal in inappropriate situations, blah blah. basically it's centered on wanting to have sex with the other person.

URT, aka unresolved romantic tension, on the other hand, is not sexual. it's sometimes just called pining, but as pining these days seems to have become synonymous with UST as well, i want to make the distinction here. this is stuff like A and B growing close, having non-sexual desires (such as wanting to hang out all the time, wanting to hold hands/kiss, focusing on the other person in ways that are non-sexual for example noticing that B carries their shoulders in a specific way when in a certain mood, aesthetic descriptions (hair catching sunlight in a certain way, red cheeks, the shape/feel of their hands), quite often also chest pains/butterflies/other non-sexual physical feelings attributed to longing to be close to the other person. this is a lot harder to describe than UST as URT can be written in so many different ways, whereas UST has a more or less established script and also is unmistakably sexual, while URT sometimes can be so subtle as to fly completely under the rader or go unnoticed by some readers.  

ofc the two can co-exist in a fic and often do - the reason why i'm laying this out here in detail is because when i say my preference is for non-sexual romance/URT over UST, this is what i mean. i don't care for throbbing dicks and wank fantasies, to put it plainly. i care about my otps falling in love. 
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